A good HVAC partner is vital to the success of my business. Northern Lights provides me advice for when to replace equipment and what to buy (or not to buy). They also come when something happens, even if it’s on a weekend or in the middle of the night. I’ve been using Northern Lights Mechanical for about 5 years. They know what they’re doing, the cost is fair and they’re very nice local people. You won’t regret hiring them.
David Turin, Chef and Owner • David's Restaurant
Feb 20, 2023
We’ve been using Northern Light Mechanical for the past several years, and are very happy with the results. Their professionalism, knowledge, capability, responsiveness, and can-do attitude we have experienced is why we continue to use them for all of our mechanical, HVAC, and electrical needs.

Peter Brown, Head of Operations • Geary's Brewing Co.
Feb 27, 2023
Great and knowledgeable service!
Denise Lynne Nicoletti-Beckwith
@Facebook • Oct 20, 2020
Very good work at fair prices.
Lisa Cloutier
@Facebook • Sept 18, 2018
Extremely professional and easy to work with. Chris did a phenominal job installing my heat pump! Happy to do business with a Maine company that has such great integrity!
Josh Holmes
@Facebook • June 28, 2017
Extremely knowledgeable and professional. Northern Lights helped us understand our options, assisted us in navigating state incentive programs, and delivered quality work.
Denise Cameron
@Facebook • June 29, 2017
Very professional and down to earth. I would recommend Northern Lights Mechanical to anyone!
Sarah Haymon Foster
@Facebook • June 28, 2017